DWI / Driving While Intoxicated Offenses

Federal Charges

Federal Charges in Dallas: Multiple Individuals Facing Legal Action

Multiple People Facing Federal Charges in Dallas KDFW-TV reported on July 27, 2023, that in a major operation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Dallas Police Department, and Dallas County Sheriff’s Office raided multiple locations in…
Domestic Violence in Dallas

Dealing with Domestic Violence in Dallas

Dallas Weekly noted on November 7, 2023, that the United States Supreme Court grappled with a critical case, weighing the Second Amendment against public safety concerns in a challenge to the federal prohibition on gun possession…
Drug Arrests in Dallas

Drug Arrests Remain Common in Dallas

Patch reported on August 23, 2023, that two Paulding County men were facing a mountain of drug trafficking charges after a collaborative raid by the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office and the Haralson County Drug Task Force.…
Major Consequences of DWIArrests

The Major Consequences of DWI Arrests

The Dallas Morning News reported on August 8, 2023, that a high-ranking officer in the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department was facing charges after an early morning incident. Lieutenant Michael Raley was arrested for driving while intoxicated…
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New Criminal Laws in Texas During 2023 Legislative Session

During the 88th Texas Legislative Session, lawmakers filed more than 8,000 bills. Only a fraction of these bills passed through the legislative process and became law.  Of the bills that did become law, a significant number…