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How Much Will a Texas DWI Cost You?

One of the first and primary concerns any person arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) is going to have will be about what a Texas DWI cost. While the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) once claimed on a billboard in 2011 that a DWI could cost a person $17,000, Politifact determined that claim was barely […]
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buying sex a felony

New Texas Law Makes Buying Sex a Felony

Texas became the first state to make buying sex a felony, a move signaling a crucial change in how the justice system has long approached prostitution. The state unanimously passed House Bill 1540 (HB1540), which was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott in June, to crack down on so-called “johns” who pay for sex, […]
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sex crimes

Sex Crimes Still Being Charged in Dallas

The Dallas Morning News reported that a Tarrant County man used his job running a church’s sound system to try to solicit a sex act from a girl, authorities allege. Kenneth Tyler Hostin, 33, of Haslet was arrested Thursday on a felony count of criminal solicitation of a minor and was released from the Tarrant […]
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In Dallas, Multiple Kinds of Assault

D Magazine reported on July 9, 2021, that Bill Hutchinson, who was arrested and charged in the sexual assault of a teenage girl, was facing additional accusations detailed in a civil lawsuit. The 63-year-old Dallas developer and reality TV star have not responded to messages, but previously told TMZ that he denied the allegations in […]
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Texas Drug Penalty Groups

Dallas Continues to Crack Down on Drug Crimes

Dallas Police Starlight Program Aims to Expand Following Successful First Year Deterring Criminal Activity Spectrum News reported on November 12, 2020, that the Dallas Police Starlight Program was aiming to expand after a successful first year of deterring criminal activity. In an article on September 22, 2020, the Dallas Police Department announced the expansion of […]
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Major Drug Arrests in North Texas

Drugs remain a major issue in many criminal justice proceedings, and they are a complicated subject to address because many drugs can be legal to own with lawful prescriptions. While many news stories about drugs focus on the more illicit substances prohibited in all circumstances, it is important to remember that people can face criminal […]
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family violence

Texas to Receive $18 Million in Family Violence ​Funding

The federal government understands its role in helping end the problem of family violence, commonly referred to as domestic violence, in homes and other locations all over the United States. CBS DFW reported on September 4, 2020, that the Justice Department’s Office of Violence Against Women will direct more than $18 million in grant funding […]
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DWI Roadblocks / Checkpoints

DWI Can Happen to Anybody—Including Police

Driving while intoxicated (DWI), more commonly referred to simply as drunk driving, is an incredibly dangerous criminal offense precisely because literally anybody is capable of committing the crime. People of all ages and various sizes are arrested every day in Texas on DWI charges, and this year has seen a shocking number of stories involving […]
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Dallas County Detention Officer Charged after Assaulting an Inmate

Dallas County Jailer Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Inmate In Restraint Chair In June, a Dallas County jail detention officer was accused of assaulting an inmate and was subsequently charged. According to reports from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, detention service officer Levar Weston has been accused of assaulting an inmate located in a Dallas County […]
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gun dealers

North Texas Gun Dealers Face Federal Charges

In March of 2020, three North Texas men plead guilty to federal charges of dealing firearms without a license. According to reports, James Cary Bennett, Jack Don Sims, and Raleigh Merriam Selby all entered guilty pleas for engaging in the business of dealing firearms without a license. They are currently facing a sentence that has […]
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