Asian American Family Victimized by Covid-19 related Hate Crime


On March 14, an incident took place in Midland, Texas that warranted a hate crime investigation. Jose Gomez III has been charged with three counts of attempted capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

According to reports, Gomez stabbed several members of an Asian-American family at a local Sam’s Club due to fears closely related to the Coronavirus. Authorities say Gomez “thought the family was Chinese and infecting people with the virus”.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take the world by storm. This deadly virus continues to spread throughout communities around the globe, and with stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders becoming more and more common, citizens are preparing themselves for the worst. In Dallas County, there have been over 1,000 reported cases of individuals who tested positive for Coronavirus, and there have been 18 deaths thus far.

Alongside this global pandemic, there has also been an increase in hate crimes against Chinese and Asian-American individuals. According to a FBI intelligence report, these crimes are expected to surge as the Coronavirus continues to spread. Because a portion of the U.S. population continues to associate the virus with Chinese and Asian heritage, there is growing animosity throughout the nation. The Midland-Odessa Chinese Association has spoken out against these crimes, attempting to let the world know about the fear that some Asian-American citizens are currently living with. As families are doing their best to avoid infection, some are also worried about becoming victims of aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon.

Violent crimes have no place in our society, and individuals who terrorize families due to their racist views need to be brought to justice. Dallas and the rest of the world is currently going through an unprecedented time in human history as we battle COVID-19, and there is so much fear and uncertainty currently in the world. Hate crimes only perpetuate fear, division, and pain, and this simply cannot be tolerated. District Attorney Laura Nodolf has said that she fully intends to move forward with the first-degree felony charges that Gomez is currently facing for his hate crime.

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