Charged with Drug DWI

Most people think DWI charges only relate to alcohol, but you can also receive a DWI for being under the influence of drugs. Learn how attorney Richard C. McConathy handles Drug related DWI’s in Dallas County.

Drug DWI Defense Attorney in Dallas County, TX

One of the biggest questions I receive from clients when they get a DWI is “well its alcohol only.” That’s not what the law says. DWI is any use of alcohol, drugs, dangerous drugs, prescription drugs, or any combination thereof that causes intoxication. You may be okay to go out and take a pill that your doctor prescribed to you, but did he say you could do it with alcohol? I don’t think so. In that particular instance, you’re going to be charged with DWI, which is drug violation. What we’re mostly seeing these days is the use of marijuana, and in addition to that, the use of prescription narcotics, more likely Ambien. Any time in this situation, the district attorney can use any combination of the two including alcohol and the use of those narcotics to pull you above what they consider to be intoxicated. If you run into this particular situation, this is a complicated defense. You need a defense team whose handled it. Here at this office, we’ve handled thousands of situations involving these two combinations, and we’ve done it successfully.

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