Facing a DWI Car Accident charge

Listen to Attorney Richard C. McConathy discuss how car accident related DWI cases are prosecuted in Dallas County Texas and how his office defends those who are charged with a car accident related DWI.

DWI Car Accident Defense Attorney in Dallas County, TX

When facing a DWI and it involves an accident of property or injury, you’re going to have a new factor coming in on the case. One of the factors you’re going to have is you’re going to have an accident reconstruction expert. That person is going to come in and he’s going to make determinations of how the accident took place, tire skid mark issues, and a lot of times with our modern cars, he’s going to be able to go into the black box of that car and determine your speed, when your brake pad time took place; all the factors to come to a conclusion which he can testify in open court who caused this accident. Especially involved with a DWI with an injury. This is going to become a critical component because, if it is determined that you’re the approximate cause of the accident by their expert, it’s going to give them prima facie evidence to hit you with a felony. However, on many of the cases that we defend, we’ve been able to show that our clients were not the approximate cause of the accidents, thus removing it from a felony down to a misdemeanor. If you run into this particular situation, this is a complicated defense. You need a defense team whose handled it. Here at this office, we’ve handled thousands of situations involving these two combinations, and we’ve done it successfully.

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