Charged with DWI in Collin County

Listen to Attorney Richard C. McConathy discuss how DWI cases are prosecuted in Collin County Texas and how his office defends those who are charged with DWI.

DWI Defense Attorney in Collin County, TX

When facing charges in Collin county Texas, which has now been determined to be the richest and the fastest growing county in the state of Texas, you’re going to be facing a well versed and well-funded prosecution office. With Cities like, Allen, Plano and McKinney within its borders, it has thousands of arrests taking place every year. And they take great pride in being hard on DWI prosecution. There are police forces out there that are coming after any individual breaking law on a daily basis. In addition to that, with more crowds coming to this area because of the new facilities in Frisco with the Dallas cowboys, you’re going to find police officers looking day and night for people who are going to break the law, especially DWI. When you are facing these types of situations, you need to understand the local politics. Collin county prides itself on being the toughest and the meanest county in the state of Texas. You’re also going to find that each of these prosecutors are told from their higher ups, “do not dismiss anything”. When you go into Collin county your lawyer and you need to be aware that its total war, every time. When facing these types of odds, you need to make sure you have an attorney who has the experience and the knowledge of how to handle these types of situations. My office has been doing it since 2002, and my staff attorneys have been in the trenches against these guys for over 15 years. We can’t guarantee your results, but we will keep fighting until the end.

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