Facing a DWI in Tarrant County

Listen to Attorney Richard C. McConathy discuss how DWI cases are prosecuted in Tarrant County Texas and how his office defends those who are charged with DWI.

DWI Defense Attorney in Tarrant County, TX

Well, Tarrant County, Texas is part of the Metroplex, and the county seat is Fort Worth, Texas, also known as Cow Town. But, there are a lot of other cities around in Tarrant County; Arlington, home of the Cowboys, the city of Keller, and you have Grapevine, Texas. All of these have aggressive police forces. In particular you’ll find that this district attorney’s office, the Tarrant County DA’s office, is in particular very connected with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. And they take great pride in actually being the flagship of North Texas of being hard on DWI prosecutions. Not as large of an office as Dallas, most of the DA’s in that county will stay there for ten to fifteen years. So, you’re going to have a lot of hard veterans over there with thousands of DWI prosecutions under their belts, especially if you go back to the city of Arlington. On a Cowboys day, you may have anywhere from three hundred to seven hundred arrests on the night that America’s team is playing. It is essential in this county that you find a lawyer who not only knows DWI law, but in particular knows the local politics and the judges. Because if you try to get someone who is unaware of it, practices a majority of their stuff in Dallas county, it is like going from Venus to Mars. The attitudes are completely different. Also, you have to have that relationship building. In Tarrant County, in particular, if you have crossed over the Trinity River and you’re a Dallas lawyer and they don’t know you, you may not get the same results. That is why it’s important you have someone that has experience in that county and this office, myself, and my staff attorneys have been doing it since 2002.

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