How to approach Public Intoxication charges

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Public Intoxication defense attorney in Dallas, TX

One of the most arrested and prosecuted crimes in the state of Texas is public intoxication. On a Friday night, when all the restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues are opening out and the crowds are going home, Police will come on out and see if anybody in the crowd is, in their opinion, intoxicated and a danger to themselves and others. A lot of times the police will use this as a street sweeping measure to clear out the crowd. And if anybody gives them problems, attitude, talkback; the next thing you know you’re sitting in a paddy wagon. Now, you’re going to have the embarrassment of having to go down to a jail, and you’re going to have to then get out of jail. And next thing you know you’re having to go down to a city court and try to argue to the court that you weren’t intoxicated and a danger to yourself and others. It is important to not underestimate this because you’re in the city court. Our office can handle this situation for you. Many people who don’t want the embarrassment of this on their record; friends, bosses, family members to know about it, we can get in there and negotiate a dismissal or a reduction on the case. Or, some type of small probation with the ability to eventually expunge your record after the event. At the end of this, if everything goes according to plan, this entire incident will be erased off your record and nobody will know about it. Especially if you are a person in business and upcoming in this world, you definitely don’t want anything on your record that is going to inhibit you from getting that next promotion.

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