Defense against Drug Recognition Experts

A drug related DUI charge involving a drug recognition expert requires an experienced attorney to defend. Listen as attorney Richard C. McConathy discusses how his office defends their clients against drug recognition experts.

Drug Recognition Expert DUI Defense Attorney in Dallas County, TX

When prosecuting a case that involves prescription drugs or narcotics involving a DUI, it’s going to require a special type of officer in this situation. They’re called Drug Recognition Experts. These officers have been specifically trained in how to spot certain drug type usages and they’re responses. In particular, they’re going to take you into a room and place you through a series of tests to determine what substance they believe you’re on. Since they’re specifically trained to do this, they’re an expert under Texas law and can testify in open court to their results. We can challenge those results and attack them on all the way through their process. When you face this type of situation with a DRE, you just can’t use a regular attorney who doesn’t have any experience in handling these types of matters. You need a team that has gone against DRE’s on multiple occasions before. Our office has been practicing DWI since 2002, and we’ve handled hundreds of cases against DRE’s in Dallas, Denton, Collin, and Fort Worth Texas. If you run yourself into this situation, get lawyers who know how to handle this defense.

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