Facing a DWI Urine Test

Watch Attorney Richard C. McConathy discuss how DWI Urine test cases are handled in Dallas County Texas and how his office defends those who are facing a DWI charged related to a urine test.

DWI Urine Test Defense Attorney in Dallas County, TX

When challenging a Urine test, which is usually under a blue moon situation, it’s very similar to a blood testing procedure. You’re going to have to see how the urine was collected, determine if it was done in a safe, sanitary environment, and that there were no outside contaminants involved in the situation. And then, the second part that’s going to be involved, is the transport of that urine to the local lab unit. Recently, many of these lab units have come under attack because the employees there have been found lying. They’ve been found falsifying their documentation. Most of the time a police officer is used to handling blood. He’s probably going to have to use methods that he’s not used to doing on a daily basis, and during that time period he’s probably going to make a mistake. Right now, you’ve got a very serious question to ask yourself: Are you going to simply lay back and let these people do what they want to do to you? Or are you going to find tough, hard, and smart lawyers who are going to go in there and battle toe to toe with this district attorney’s office to find you the best result we can.

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