Standing up against Violent Crime charges

Listen to how violent crimes are prosecuted in Dallas County Texas. Attorney Richard C. McConathy discusses issues pertaining to defending those accused of crimes of violence.

Violent crimes defense attorney in Dallas, TX

My father, grandfather, and myself have practiced in this county, “Big D” as they like to call it. Regardless of who the DA is, democrat or republican, they are going to prosecute crimes of violence with extreme prejudice. There is no tolerance to this situation. If you have aggravated assault, deadly weapon, family violence, misdemeanor, felony, first degree felony, assaults, general assaults; anything that Is going to be involving a person that is injured. If there is blood or weapons involved, that is going to be hit with extreme prosecution. In addition to that, especially if the case is aggravated, if you receive any prison time, you’re not eligible for release on your sentence until you’ve served half of it. For example, you get ten years, there is no possibility of parole until you hit your fifth year. So, it’s important when you’re dealing with these types of cases, to get an attorney who understands how the prosecution and the court systems treats these particular issues. Then, begin discussion to try to knock off the charging instrument language, which is what the government uses to prosecute you. To remove off those violent offenses and especially anything discussing aggravated weapons or aggravated tools. If that is not done, you can find yourself receiving an offer and thinking that you’re going to get out of jail and realize you’re going to be there a lot longer than you thought. If you run yourself into this situation, get lawyers who know how to handle this defense.

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