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What Crimes Could R. Kelly be Charged With?

R&B megastar Robert Kelly, better known as R. Kelly, is facing new criminal investigations after the release of a six-part expose on the Lifetime channel, Surviving R. Kelly, on the singer’s sexual exploitation and abuse of women, especially underaged girls. District attorneys all over the country are now opening investigations into the singer’s alleged crimes. […]
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Dallas Police Attempt to Arrest More People for DWI through TRACE

TRACE implemented to help curb the number of DWI-related deaths in the state Early last month, before the start of the holidays, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Department of Public Safety, the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Police Chiefs Association, and the Sheriff’s Association of Texas […]
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New Attempts in Texas to Legalize Marijuana

The Texas legislature started its 86th session and there are already over a dozen marijuana-related bills up for consideration. All of the bills attempt to increase the legal status of cannabis in some form or another. A few of the bills seek to reduce the penalties for possession of small amounts of the drug to […]
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